Japan summer 2017, day 1

Today was the day of my big journey to Japan!

It all started with a train ride to Belgium (Antwerp) to pick up my train ticket back to The Netherlands (yeah i am silly to start my journey in Belgium, but it saves me some money)

Trains at Rotterdam Centraal

When i was in Antwerp i decided to go to the local brewery there for a little tour and a drink, it was fun and nice to relax a bit before my long journey to Japan

So actually my flight to Japan started with a train ride from Antwerp to Schiphol

When i arrived at Schiphol my parents awaited me with my bags, yay!
So i could check in my bags, go trough the security check and wait 3 more hours before my flight would go!
So i decided to eat something little at McDonalds at the airport, and relax a bit there

KLM Asia 747

Lucky the boarding went pretty easy, and i managed to get myself a seat with lot’s of leg space! Wha!

KLM 747 leg space

Dinner in the plane wasn’t that good, it was just simple and basic, so i didn’t ate much and after dinner i tried to sleep a but, but nope, i slept terrible, i think i slept only an hour or 2 (maybe even less, i never can sleep good in an airplane)

KLM airplane dinner

After that, plane breakfast! Sadly i suddenly i didn’t feel so well and i couldn’t ate much, i always start to feel nauseous on long flights.

KLM airplane breakfast

Lucky it was a nice and comfy plane flight, no turbulence or what so ever and we nicely landed in Korea where i had to transfer to my next plane.

I always love Incheon airport, because you need to use an automatic train to go to the other terminal, and also it’s really big and they have a lot of nice foods there!

Automatic train at Incheon International Airport

Just like last year i decided to eat a taco with some beer, to relax a bit and to help with the 4 hour wait for my next flight

Taco Bell at Incheon International Airport

Finally, after 4 hours of waiting i could board my next plane, finally to Japan! Yay! I slowly stared to feel really tired, but hey, i was already so long awake now!
I also got a sandwich on the flight, what was pretty good!

Korean Air airplane food

After a short but good flight i landed in Fukuoka where i had to do the regular customs checks and such, no problems there (last year i had to open my bag, this year all was okay!)

In Fukuoka airport you need take a free bus to the domestic terminal, from where the subway to the city leaves. It’s only a few minutes by subway (just 2 stops to Hakata station) where  i quickly found my hotel, yay!

My hotel room in Fukuoka

And so my long day ended with a nice bath, i really deserved that! yeah!

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